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Who is Rosa?

Honorary Creator of Rosa's Pound Cake

Rosa Miliziano, the late mother of owner Laureen Skrivan, originally created the pound cake recipe that was adapted to create the gluten-free 'Rosa's Pound Cake' you see on our menu today. Rosa was well-known for her love of hospitality and if she had it her way, she would have hosted guests for dinner every night of the week! She enjoyed nothing more than planning the perfect dinner party and welcoming her loved ones into her home. One thing that was often on the menu ... her beloved Pound Cake! This slightly-sweet, dense cake became her legacy. So when Laureen was developing Wren's Nest Baking Co., she knew she wanted to honor her mother by adapting this cake to a gluten-free recipe that tastes and feels exactly like the cake that she had perfected over her lifetime.

Wrens Nest Baking Co._May 2024-7.jpg

Laureen knew that her mother would have absolutely loved our bakery and would have felt so proud knowing that we are fulfilling such a need with our wholly gluten-free menu. So many adults and children cannot enjoy sweets at a bakery because of their gluten intolerance, but Laureen made it her mission to change this with a gluten-free menu filled to the brim with all of the bakery classics. If only Rosa knew how many people were enjoying pound cake for the very first time because of her recipe!

The Story of Rosa's Pound Cake

Discussion with Laureen Skrivan, owner of Wren's Nest Baking Co.

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