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What's The Beef?

Grass-fed beef, that is.
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Here at Wren's Nest Baking Co., our goal is to source ingredients that will ensure that our guests receive exceptional quality and excellent flavor in every item on our menu. That's why after our search for a local farm that shared our ethics and values for grass-fed meat production – starting with sustainable, regenerative farming practices with a focus on animal welfare – we selected Royal Family Farming located in the picturesque Royal City, WA.


Royal Ranch cattle are fed a richly diverse diet for nourishment and enjoy a life of comfort because after all, "happy cows are healthy and productive cows." Their cattle grow hormone-free with zero antibiotics and this coupled with their harmonious environment allows them to build healthy, distinct marbling. As a result, this grass-fed beef is significantly more flavorful than what is typically available at a local supermarket.

We have incorporated this grass-fed beef in a few of our favorite savory menu items, including the Beef Empanada and the Cheeseburger Kolache. Paired with the flaky crust of the empanada or the pillowy dough of the kolache, the beef really stands out, and we believe you will continue coming back for more!

Beef On The Menu

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